Saturday, April 23, 2011

1/144 Dornier Do 24T by IXO Models

The side-by-side three-engined flying boat Do 24 flying boat was produced by Dornier before and during WWII. It was intended for military cargo transport and air-sea rescue to operate far from a home base. With the Luftwaffe, it served on every front of WWII and rescued airmen and sailors in the Arctic, the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic. The type also was used in maritime reconnaissance, troop carrying, escorted convoys and could ship great quantities of supplies. Essential resupply missions during the German defence of the Kuban bridgehead in Caucasus in 1943, saw 22 of these flying boats deliver 1,000 tons - since airstrips in the region were flooded, the Do 24s were the only lifeline available. Having served with the RAAF and Dutch Navy between 1938 and 1942, the Do 24 also became one of the few aircraft types to serve both Axis and Allies.

Dornier records claim that up to 12,000 people were rescued by the type in a career that continued through to 1970, making it one of the greatest ocean-going flying boats in aviation history. One example has been restored and re-engined with turboprop engines in 2004 and flies around the world by the South East Asian Airlines.

(Source: The Illustrated Guide to Naval Aircraft by Francis Crosby)

Today's model carries the Luftwaffe markings CM+IV of Seenotstaffel 8, and was based in Mamaia-Siutghiol, Romania, during 1942. On August 23rd 1943, while trying to rescue two English pilots, the aircraft sank due to sustained damage. Crew and English pilots were eventually rescued by two other Do-24s.

It's a nice and original model for this scale but it does have a few negative issues. Besides the fuselage, the rest is plastic, which makes the model "less diecast". Some details missing like the control wires under the wings, loop antenna and swastika. The black panel lines on the upper wing are not very attractive as they stand out way too much; it's a common characterstic of the IXO Models unfortunately. Also my Do 24 came with some of these lines faded completely on one side of the wing. The bow and dorsal turrets should be shorter in height and the tiny windows in the middle section of the fuselage would look better if painted with a dark blue rather than a solid white. Still a decent effort and a welcome addition to the other 1/144 scale flying boats.

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