Sunday, December 19, 2010

1/72 Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by HobbyMaster

The Convair F-102 was the first supersonic warplane with a delta- or triangle-shaped wings. Designed to defend North America against the bomber attack dreaded by so many during the Cold War, the F-102 combined a 'wasp waist' fuselage shape, technically called 'area rule', with blade-like wings and tail, to become one of the fastest fighters of its era.

Although it was a fighter, the F-102 carried no gun. It was armed with an almost unbelievable battery of rockets, including a Falcon missile with an atomic warhead intented to break up bomber formations. Pilots called this magnificent aircraft, the 'Deuce'. It was huge and powerful, and a pleasure to fly. F-102s served in Vietnam on fighter patrols and bomber escorts; and also flew with Greece and Turkey, the only foreign users of one of the best-loved and most memorable aircraft in history.

The 1st model release of the F-102 by HobbyMaster, is aircraft BuNo.61259 of the 317th Fighter Squadron, 21st Composite Wing, Alaskan Air Command, based in Alaska from 1956 till 1969. It's a stunning model, easy to assemble and looks great in both display configurations. Panel lines are sharp and crisp, no lose parts and the pilot figure fits perfectly. The bright arctic red markings are very eye-catching and it's definetely one of the best models of 2010 by HM.

Scan Photos source: "Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by Wayne Mutza"

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