Saturday, October 16, 2010

1/144 RB-26C Invader by Atlas Editions

There are some combat aircraft that have served in two major war, but few have served in three conflicts spread over more than two decades. The Invader did just that in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Heavily armed, with top speed of 571km/h and a range of 2253km, the A-26 was the faster bomber the USA had in its WWII inventory. It soon became a formbidable ground-attack-aircraft and it served extensively around the world since 1944, with some, still on active duty into the 1970s.

This is another 1/144 model from Atlas Editions. I added it to the 1/144 collection purely for the low price it was sold for. I wasn't expecting much from this; quite small, considering the size of the Invader, lacks detail but I still like the fact thats it's a reconnassaince night-intruder version.

Model represents an RB-26C serial no. 44-35741 which the USAF loaned to the French Air Force in August 1951 for service in the Indochina conflict against the Viet Minh. It formed part of the Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron unit, also known as "Armagnac", which consisted of five RB-26Cs :

RB-26C s/n 44-35726 "Aramis"
RB-26C s/n 44-35705 "Porthos"
RB-26C s/n 44-35785 "D'Artagnan"
RB-26C s/n 44-35819 "Athos"
RB-26C s/n 44-35741 "Milady"

The aircraft had their nose art painted under the cockpit, in Gothic letters, on their shiny black livery. RB-26C "Milady" was eventually returned to the USAF in October 1955.

Scan Source: "FOREIGN INVADERS" by Hagedorn, Dan & Hellstrom, Leiff

Reference was partly taken from this superbly detailed website about the A-26:

..and from this home page related to the French Air Force emblems:

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