Sunday, August 29, 2010

1/144 Boeing B-29B Superfortress by Corgi

The B-29 Superfortress, the most advanced bomber produced during WWII, was the result of Boeing's reaction to a specification which called for a bomber with a range in excess of 8045km/5000 miles that could carry a bigger bomb load at a higher speed than the B-17B. The Superfortress had many advanced features, including remotely controlled gun turrets and a partly pressurized fuselage. After WWII, the B-29 became the mainstray of the newly formed USAF Strategic Air Command, and later saw continuous action in the three-year Korean War. Operating from bases in Japan, raids were carried out against industrial targets in North Korea. During the conflict, Superfortresses dropped over 167,000 tonnes of bombs and shot down over 30 fighters, with the loss of 34 B-29s.

The model represents B-29 serial no.44-27288 "Atomic Tom" of the 30th BS/19th BG,based at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, in 1950. "Atomic Tom" was one of four Superfortresses that bombed the Seoul railway station and Har River bridges on the afternoon of 28 June 1950 - fully six hours before US president Harry S. Truman gave the approval for offensive operations to begin in Korea. A veteran of numerous combat missions during the Korean War, this aircraft was attacked by MiG-15s on 12 April 1951. Despite the communist fighters inflicting significat battle damage, Atomic Tom was eventually repaired and returned to operations.

Artwork profile & info Source: Osprey Combat Aircraft No.42 - B-29 Superfortress units of the Korean war

This was the 2nd Corgi B-29 I purchased. The first one being Enola Gay, icon of WWII and Atomic Tom, being a Korean War subject. Dragon Wings also have a range of good diecast B-29s in 1/144 scale, and together with Corgi, they share the diecast market on this particular model. The Blue-Black-Silver make a great color combination and detail is acceptable for this scale.

I really hope that Corgi will have a go with a 1/72 diecast model someday, this is indeed a great aircraft. Speaking of B-29s deployed in Korea, here is the real thing: B-29 "Its Hawg Wild" at the US Air Museum in Duxford:

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