Sunday, May 9, 2010

1/144 Handley Page Hampden

Following the Whitley and Wellington, the Hampden was the third of Britain's trio of twin-engined medium bombers to enter service, 226 being on RAF strength on 3 September 1939, serving with ten squadrons.

With Bomber Command, the Hampden's operational service was principally on night bombing raids or minelaying, until September 1942. Many of them continued in service as torpedo bombers or reconnaissance aircraft with Coastal Command.

During their service, Hampdens took part in the first bombing raids on Berlin and in the first of the 1,000-bomber raids on Cologne.

The model of today is a Mk.I in 1/144 from IXO Models. Except for some small parts like landing gear & propellers, it's entirely in diecast.
One thing I noticed is that there is no ventral gun (at least mine came like that).

Except for the visible gap between fuselage and wings, for this size, this Hampden it's more than ok for a 1/144 collection.

Would be nice to see one in a Coastal Command scheme one day.

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