Monday, April 19, 2010

Visit to the Malta Aviation Museum

Just downloaded a few photos of the Malta Aviation Museum open weekend.I attended on the last day, which happened to be a perfect spring day.
Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hangar, Hawker Hurricane MkII and Agusta Bell Helicopter...

The beautifully restored DH 82 Tiger Moth was outside. Could not get close to the cockpit, but managed to take a shot of the Gipsy Major engine.

Spitfire Mk IX "Mary Rose" cockpit, Hawker Sea Hawk and an interesting
camouflaged WWII motorcycle with sidecar...

Gloster Gladiator wings are sitting there, just waiting for someone to give up and finally allow the Malta Aviation Museum team to restore Gladiator N520 "Faith".
These guys have been doing a fantastic job for years and years...thanks to them, Malta finally has a restored Spitfire, Hurricane & Tiger Moth; but still, the authorities won't allow the most famous of the Gloster Gladiators to get a deserved restoration, hangar space and wings!
In the storage room bits and parts of a Sea Venom are also waiting for assembly & restoration...

The day was also a good occasion to step in the museum's Fiat G-91R cockpit :)

..and finally some scale models!

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