Friday, April 2, 2010

1/144 B-17C Flyng Fortress

Back to scale models, today's entry is a B-17C Flying Fortress; another 1/144 bomber from IXO Models. The early 'C' variant makes this B-17 model interesting and different, however it could have been better with a little more effort.

- Wings are in plastic.
- No exhaust pipes :(
- The lower gun on the nose and the side guns at the back are missing.
- Unit numbers are written blue rather than black.
- The small windows on the nose sides are painted in light grey (to resemble glass)
however the ones on top of the nose are not painted at all.

The model represents an aircraft of the 14th Bombardment Squadron which was stationed in the Hawaii and later in the Phillippines during 1941.

Good reference website about the early versions of the B-17: click here

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