Saturday, March 13, 2010

Douglas A-1H Skyraider from HobbyMaster...

As mentioned on my previous post, here are some photos of the first 1/72 A-1 Skyraider tool from HobbyMaster.

The quality in my opinion is always excellent from these folks, I'm happy with every single HM model I purchased so far, and so it's the Skyraider.

(...on flight with a different loadout & compared in size with a P-51)

I've been reading posts on the DAF Forum about some issues with this tool, compared with the Gemini Aces Skyraider model. My only issue is the lack of exhaust trails from the's a typical characteristic of the Skyraider, but I can get over it as weathering is not very popular in diecast models.

In regards to the other tool, the Gemini one, I can honestly say that it does look a little more accurate. Some collectors who bought this product (that includes me) must have felt a bit upset, seeing the coming Gemini product in the same exact livery. For me, what counts is that my A-1 model looks good on the shelf :) Collectors might complain about slightly wrong panel lines, but it's also true that a model can't be 100% perfect.

Also, it's a first issue, so I'm sure the next Skyraiders will be more accurate.

The livery represents a US Navy Skyraider from VA-176 "Thunderbolts" USS Intrepid, flown by LtJg. Tom Patton.On 20 June 1965, during a rescue mission, he managed to shoot down a Mig-17 over North Vietnam.
Impressive achievement, considering the fact that the slow Skyraider is not meant to dogfight at all. This was the Spad's 2nd confirmed Mig-17 kill of the conflict.

Last year I had the occasion to see this aircraft for the first time at the Flying Legends Airshow in Duxford. Two Spads with the VA-176 markings flew during the show and it was quite a rare and magnificent sight.

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