Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bristol Beaufort in 1/144 scale

Last of the set of 3 models in 1/144 scale, is this Mk I Bristol Beaufort of 217 Squadron RAF Coastal Command in 1941.

There is no torpedo,which would have been nice.Also, the 2 colors of the camouflage seem a bit off.There seems to be too much contrast and a lighter dark sea grey would have looked better in my opinion.Besides this, it's very difficult to get a Beaufort in this small scale, so for the sake of having one, I'd say it's fine.

The aircraft serial is L9878 MW-R and here it is in action:

217 Squadron operated in Malta during 1942 and these light bombers were vital in attacking enemy shipping. to a Beaufort at the RAF Museum in Hendon in 2007 :)

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