Sunday, February 7, 2010

1/144 scale Martin Maryland 167

To continue with the previous post, here is another 1/144 model of the set that I received last time:

It's a Glenn Martin 167 Maryland, and it represents a Free French Air Force aircraft that flew in the Dakar conflict in 1940.
I was not sure about the markings, but after a quick research, I realized the following:

The markings show the classic Armée de l'Air roundel.When France was defeated, the Vichy French Air Force (which fought along side the axis) also adopted the same roundel on their aircraft.
To avoid confusion in combat, the Free French Air Force (which fought alongside the allies) added next to the roundel, the Cross of Lorraine (supposed to be red, but on the model is blue).

This light bomber saw action on both sides during WWII and it was crucial in 1940, when one of the RAF Marylands based in Malta, was sent to gather photographs of the Italian Fleet before and after the battle of Taranto.The pilot was Adrian Warburton, one of the best RAF pilots who also became an ace with this aircraft, claiming five air victories and three enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground.

Back to the model, the quality is the same standard for all the Atlas Editions 1/144 bombers.I wasn't expecting much from it, but considering the scale, it's not that bad afterall.

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