Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/144 Douglas C-54 Skymaster by IXO Models

The C-54 entered service in 1942 and it soon became a reliable symbol of the long-range transport capabilities of the USAAF and USN. When the Soviets sealed off Berlin in 1948, the large, four-engined Douglas C-54 Skymaster was the right aircraft at the right time. The largest humanitarian operation ever undertaken by air, the Berlin Airlift; began in late June 1948 and it was the first major confrontation of the Cold War. The Allies had a variety of aircraft types at their disposal, in particular the C-47. Its age, however, was beginning to show, and it was the more capable C-54 that was to become the mainstay of the airlift. The mission consisted in flying food from Western Europe into the sorrounded German city. Flying conditions were often hazardous and difficult. Besides the bad weather, the Soviets were on alert in the confined air space, in order to harass or even shoot at the Skymasters, as they attempted a short-field landing. After over 2.3 million tonnes of cargo airlifted, the blockade ended on 30 September 1949.

It's my first model of 2010 and a welcome addition to my 1/144 collection. The model measures about 20cm x 25cm and only the fuselage is in diecast. IXO Model's new range of 1/144 bombers in fact have this characteristic of using plastic on the wings, especially the bigger models. Might be a new method to save production costs?

Also I noticed the landing gear came distorted so I gently removed the pieces and applied some glue.

My father was particularly happy when he saw this.Back in the 60s, when he was a boy, he used to travel from Wheelus USAF Air Base in Lybia to Italy or Germany with this transport aircraft.

The markings represent aircraft C-54G serial no.5482 "The Davey Crockett" of the Air Transport Command. I didn't get a lot of info after a short research on the net, besides this art profile at "Wings Palette" and some basic info:

Source: here.

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