Monday, January 18, 2010

"Did You Survive The War?"

A few days ago I had the pleasure to finish this nice book:

The cover says it all: "An 'ordinary' fighter pilot's story".'Jerry Jarrold' was no ace and maybe not a famous pilot but he survived WWII.He flew 800 hours on Hurricanes,Spitfires and Typhoons from North Africa into Southern Italy, over Normandy on D-Day and into North West Europe.He consideres himself lucky but nontheless, he has been a very brave pilot,one who put his life in risk many many times.

It's very readable and a page-turner, really puts you in the climax, in this case, inside the cockpit :)

The dream of becoming a fighter pilot, the joy of flying the best piston engined fighters of the era,the drammatic events and the adrenaline of combat.All these facts were a mixture of a typical day in his life back during the war.Very very tough indeed.

I met Jerrold at Duxford back in July 2009,we had a brief talk about the mighty Hawker Typhoon and the use of the powerful rockets on ground targets.A cheerful character and a very nice man.

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