Monday, January 4, 2010

Atlas Editions 1/144 "Giants of the Sky" Collection

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!
Lets hope it's going to be a healthy year :)

Due to lack of time to update my site:
I will post some photos of my collection, and write short reviews of the models I purchase from time to time.I figured out that a blog, although less nice, it's simple, easy to maintan and most of all, it's free :)

Today I'm posting some shots of a collection released in the UK some years ago from Atlas Editions.These models are all in 1/144 scale, they are entirely in diecast and come with the option of a stand and/or landing gear.Fairly nice models, considering the scale.Photos are not great, but I plan on getting a better set for my next update.

More to follow on the next update.

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